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Petra Fortress & Park of Miniatures

The fortress of Peter was founded in the VI century Byzantine ruler Justinian I.
The terrain provided an opportunity to erect part of the fortress on a high cliff face. It was the place of its location that made it not criminal in the sea, but on the land side, a strong stone fence served as protection. From the rock where the fortress is located, an unusually beautiful view of the sea and rocks, on the most beautiful nature. Charity Foundation Cartu Fund has gifted a new theme park ‘Georgia in Miniatures’ to the State. The park, located in the Black Sea coastal resort of Shekvetili, west Georgia, presents 44 miniatures of architectural monuments from all around Georgia. Of 1:25 scale, they aim to display the rich architectural heritage of the country.

Mtirala National Park

If you want to enjoy incredible flora and fauna of Georgia’s beautiful region of Adjara, definitely pay a visit to Mtirala National Park, a protected area that is located in the western part of the country and you will not regret. Adjara is rich in atmospheric precipitation since it is a coastal region, but the Mount Mtirala, height of which is 1381 m above sea level, is the most abundant with precipitation. Annual precipitation reaches to 4520 mm in the area making it the wettest area in the country. That is why the place is called Mtirala that in Georgian means constantly crying.

Waterfalls of Adjara (Makhuntseti & Mirveti)

Here you have the opportunity to visit picturesque historical arched bridge located in the village and a Mirvetistkali waterfall in the amazing wood. A touristic route starts from the bridge on the river Chorokhi, heads to the village Mirveti and ends at the Mirvetistskali waterfall. The route turns to the village Mirveti, from the main road going from Batumi to the Machakhela gorge, crosses the hanging bridge on the river Chorokhi and enters the village Mirveti. Mirveti is small, quite village built on the banks of river Chorokhi. The route firstly goes toward the Mirveti arched bridge and then continues with the trail, darkened with the Buxus trees and finishes at the Mirvetistskali waterfall. One of the must-visit attractions is Makhuntseti waterfall which is remote from Batumi to 30 km. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Ajara – a real pride of local residents. On the way to Makhuntseti, you will hear a pleasant noise of the approaching water. And in a few minutes, there will be an incredible sight. The water falls from the height of 20 meters, breaking on the rocks and dividing into a plurality of splashes.

Martvili Canyon

Martvili’s canyon, this historical, surprisingly beautiful place of Georgia. The canyon is on Abash’s river near the city of Martvili in the region of Samegrelo. Martvili canyons used to be a bath place for Royal Family Dadiani. This is a really tremendous place which everyone surely has to visit. The canyon is famous for the beauty and the facts of ancient years. In the territory of a canyon the hardened bones of animals who lived millions years ago, and also traces of paws of dinosaurs were found. It is possible to walk on a canyon by the boat and if to go on the top party, it is possible to reach 7 meter huge falls. 

Okatse Canyon

The Okatse Canyon has already attracted and amazed large number of tourists with its magnificent wild nature, astonishing waterfalls and breathtaking views. Located in the Western Georgia, near the village of Gordi, the canyon runs roughly for 14 kilometers, width ranges from 3-6 to 15-20 meters, while its depth is between 20-100 meters.The number of visitors are enchanted also by the size and number of the waterfalls. The highest one is named Oskhapo (60 m).A visitor’s centre is located along with a hanging path 250 m in length, as well as a 500 m path through the canyon and forest, a walking path of 2 km and an observation spot with panoramic views of the entire valley. There are also several natural stone bridges on the river and caves in the canyon, from where Karst waters flow.

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